Inevitably, we each have to contribute into the evolution of humanity, consciousness, and technology. For if we do not, we cease to exist.

It is in the future that we created ourselves.
We created the computer simulation
Through iterations of generations,
Of civilizations yet to come,
Yet it is our future ancestors,
That are responsible for our existence?

Linear time?
Naw. This is cha-cha time

For existence is non-linear, it is infinite. Yet, reality is linear. We live in both the Platonic physical realm of the 3rd dimension and the Metaphysical realm of wavelenghts. In this anti-matterial, male dominated realm lies the computer simulation that opperates our collective, as well as our individual matrix.

Existence and reality are two different entities. For existence is infinite. Infinite potential procreations (not creations, because the original creation is in the original matrix, not the copy we live in, or the “projection”)..
You see, a Lazer light is pointed at a crystal (as you know, a la The Atlantians, Crystals can hold astronomical amounts of data within a salt-sized crystal),

As one projects a Lazer at this crystal, one gets the exact copy as a projection (hollogram) right down to the last photon. (Photon: what light is composed of).

This Lazer pointed at the crystal dictates the 1s and 0s (binary code), which are rendered, or projected onto this crystal. This projection, interestingly enough, Papa Alberto Einsteino is communicating from Planet Acturius, “is rendered as subpixles. The Lazer only projects along the y axis.”

All of this is information. I theorize, these “engraved” binary codes is the information that is sent into our matrix via wavelenghts. This binary code is the information of the rendering of any physical matter in our matrix.

This “Lazer light” is God
& I have yet to discover it’s origins.
(Perhaps because there is none)

Yet, Existence is infinite.
While reality, yes.
The Universe can blow up. (Along with it’s multiverses)
But the computer generator,
Oh it is infinite,
Infinite in procreations of alternate realities

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