The Holographic Hallucination 

Attempting to sleep: all ‘I’ see in the back of the visual cortex is my’self’ walking in slow motion on an LED screen. Yet, I am being showered with binary code. As the body in this dimension (represented by -(x-2)^2) physically moves, or shifts to the right by (x-2), there is a direct reflection of the x axis through it’s inverse, or that of -(x-2).


As the body transverses throughout the polynomial graph of a rendering software, each movement dictated from the frontal lobe is being projected from the penial gland in binary code. Each time an individual decides to physically execute any movement, there is a new binary code digitally encoded within the outside parameters of the matter of the head and the torso of the individual.

However, this is not the ilussion of the self of who we are on this dimension. This is the original imprint which holds the information which is then converted into reality through our hallucination (the aether, or the God Particle).


When an individual hallucinates reality from the pineal gland (third eye/consciousness), they are merely projecting this original imprint into the reality in which the individual inhabits.

Our reality is not the original. Our reality is a hologram originating from a computer simulator operated through the Mandelbrot Set where the original binary information of our existence resides.

For more information on the God Particle/ the pineal gland (third eye/consciousness) as the aether, refer to previous post: Ball & Sack, the aether

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