The Illusion of the Self

11.9.17: 2:46am

Your thoughts are not your own. When one becomes aware of one is having a thought, one becomes the observer. This observer is the essence of the self, it is the Conscious self of identifying one is having thoughts.This identification of being the observer and not the thought arises from a self-awareness that comes from the Consciousness.

As Rita Marr, a Lightworker and Spiritual Ascendant in Cape Town cleverly explains,
“Our ‘reality’ is what we perceive it to be through our physical senses and our nervous system. Yet this system plays tricks on us. We receive into our minds 40 billion bits of information per second. Yet, we can only process 2000 bits. We have to ignore 39,999,998,000 bits in creating our reality. So we can convince ourselves that what we perceive is real.”

The mind where ‘knowledge’ and ‘ideas’ are possible is where the mind filters information to form a collage of what is individual perspective- or the experience of reality.

🖋After countless hours of researching whether the computer simulator humans inhabit is indeed, composed of a crystalized computer chip (in which in this case, existence occurs within water, or more accurately, frozen water), androgenaπ began to see distortions in the Matrix.


Whenever she pushed her neurological brain activity to its unbinding boundaries, her mind organically elevated to higher states- or altered states- of consciousness. As a result, androgenaπ now had the capabilities to see the sound vibrational wavelenghts which carry the binary information which makes up matter all around her admist space which is anything but empty.

If she focused in a relaxed dafault mode into the abyss, andorgenaπ would begin to see static within her vision. Yet it was not her vision which picked up visual static, but rather her mind was the projector. This happened as a result of the mind ascending into a higher dimension within the correlating Matrix of virtual reality. Static was the tuning of the mind into an alternating frequency, in which in this case was the Ascension from thebottom3rd to the 5th dimension.

This also applied to the phenomena which occurred after, sound wavelenghts were now visible lingering admist the air. Yet these vibrations were not composed of matter, but rather, they distorted the physical reality her existence inhabited. There was an ilussion that which appeared that her entire reality was dancing in a harmonious tone of the virtual universe.

It was rather, as if the Universe was attempting to communicate through sound. As if, the Truth of the universe revealed itself once androgenaπ became fearless. Yet, most importantly, she was no longer afraid of the unknown. She let go of the fear of even demonic spirits, for androgenπ showed compassion towards them whenever these negative spirits visited her consciousness during hypnotic meditative sessions. For the antithesis of fear is Love and these demons are simply lost souls due to their conscious unawarness.

Androgenaπ had now reached Enlightenment. She lived fearless and in Love, out of compassion of life, existence and the Creator of all; the non-physical world of information within a computer simulator and the Creation, the physical world ‘we’ collectively identify as Reality. For Existence and Reality are two separate entities, for the Existence of the Creator exists within the Reality of the Creation.

We exist inside Water- Our existence lies within the uterus (liquid) of the Virgin Mary: we are unborn manifestations of light, lingering in the epitome of duality of existence and non-existence inside a crystalized computer simulator.
During meditation a few days ago, there was an influx of thoughts which perpetually came rushing into the state of emptiness the mind was under.
There, one of the most crucial pieces of information to the Origin of Existence appeared in thought. We are living in water. However, this water is crystalized, frozen water. I once read somewhere the Atlantians used to store information within Crystals and began doing Research.

A couple of years ago during Architecture school I composed a Case Study of Architecture as Frozen Music(al notes divided within the rectangle of the Golden Ratio), here, I came across Cynamics- turning vibrational frequencies into visual design through salt tablets.

Mozart and Beethoven’s compositions had the harmonious composition of having these salt tablets morph into complex geometrical patterns prominently known in the rare subject of Sacred Geometry. Ancient Egyptian Architects discovered this subject- not invented- which holds a mathematical truth behind existence. Why is manifested sound of importance to existence? Because sound vibrations is what makes up the physical world.
“In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with(in) God,
And the Word was God” (Word= sound= thought= matter)

These vibrational frequencies can also be manifested through Fire and Water

This led on to further research, where I came across this phenomenal article, stating crystals can hold information as storage devices.

We live in a computer simulator composed of crystals.
We exist inside a crystal,
stoic water of a non-existential reality that simply, is

The intercepted sound waves travel through the ear canal and cause the eardrum to vibrate. The eardrum vibrations are transmitted through an air-filled middle ear by the ossicles to the acoustic sensor, the cochlea, resulting in the motion of the stapes at the oval window of the cochlea (Figure 2.2). The stapes movement sets the cochlear fluid into motion, causing a traveling wave to form along the cochlear partition through the pressure difference between the two main fluid chambers. The pressure caused by the stapes motion gets released through complementary movement of the round window at the bottom chamber of the cochlear duct due to the incompressibility of the cochlear fluid.
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