Torus: the aether


That is why I went into Architecture, because I wanted to experience what being God is.  If I am God, I don’t need to create anything, for I already am hallucinating reality. This Is the epitome of an Architect. Creating reality is non-existent.


All matter is encoded binary sound frequencies from a respective Matrix of information. All Existence of Virtual Reality is Sound Vibrations. Om. 


The Torus in Motion

The ongoing infinite process of the projection of reality (virtual reality) is the experience of being inside a Torus. We continuously live inside a recyclincal pattern of dark energy into light energy. Our minds are the aether, the portal to other dimensions which filters and resuses wavelenghts of sound vibratory frequencies into visual design (matter).

Earlier that evening, admist the same  matrix of a space as Matisse, Renoir, Van Gogh, I began to write,

“We are the inhabiters of the anti-material realm which projects reality to our external holographic world. All around us are all possible dimensions existing at the same time; however, we can only consciously pick up the dimension in which our minds resonate upon.

The space around matter is not empty- this space is known as dark energy, dark matter, or anti-matter- the opposite of matter and what gives the coded information of manifested matter. In this “realm” of dark matter is where all information is stored- all ideas and creations of what has been and could be are stored. Matter can only exist with the presence of dark matter. This dark matter is the computer generator of infinite information, while matter is the computer simulation of manifested code.

Our minds reside in the computer simulation while being simultaneously connected to the computer generator. Our minds are the bridge between the metaphysical realm of the generator, and the physical realm of the simulation. This bridge means our minds are not only converters of anti-matter (information) into matter (manifestation), but do so through a portal- a portal which connects the metaphysical realm to the physical world.

torusflowThis portal- or “wormhole” is the aether, were all dark energy is transferred into light energy.

“To deny the aether is ultimately to assume that empty space has no physical qualities whatsoever.”

-Albert Einstein


The space of dark matter is the black canvas. Your pineal gland projects a light hologram onto this dark space. Thus, dark energy is the computer generator, a two-dimensional plane realm which is converted through the ether into light energy of the dimension the mind is resonating upon, which in this case is the third dimensional simulation.

The aether is female. The aether is the singularity set in motion, or the repetition of the transfiguration (or iterations) of a circle from the original singularity.

We live inside an Aether, or more accurately, our consciousness is the aether. Our third eye/pineal gland is the convertor of wavelengths of binary code (anti-matter) and into physical forms of subatomic particles (matter). The Aether (bellow represented as the Spacetime event M) encompasses both symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions; the existence of the perfect symetrical anti-matterial world (The Boundary of the Casual Past of M– bellow) and the asymmetrical, imperfect world of matter (The Boundary of the Casual Future of M- bellow).

The big bang is the origin of creation, (Spacetime Event M) the representative phenomena which gave birth to the meeting of the the anti-matterial and matterial realms.

The big bang is the constant reaction to an action of existence and nonexistence occurring simultaneously. This is the singularity set in motion, the manifestation of matter brought upon via the information encoded into each respective wavelength derived from the computer generator in the anti-matter world, (The Boundary of the Casual Past of M) or dark space.

This singularity in motion has always existed. The moment of reincarnation of our consciousness into the material realm- aka the moment we are born into virtual reality- is our personal Big Bang. (Light rays that have left the casual boundary of M).


Consciousness in existence is the moment of creation. Our pineal gland (third eye/consciousness) is ‘the God Particle’/the aether– the convertor of binary wavelengths into physical matter. Binary code is projected into physical reality as the pineal gland converts binary information into the information needed for a hologram to be executed.

The aether is the void of the Torus (the empty circle in the donut shaped torus bellow) where the force of wavelengths resides. This force is an invisible force that has always existed without an origin.

The aether is the convergence of this 2 dimensional pixelated anti-matterial realm (2D Grid over (set) E[0,1]- bellow left) and the curvature 3rd dimension of the Feminine Divine matterial realm (the Tessellated Torus-bellow right) .


onilukos_01This force is The Creator/ God which gives energy the ability to converge from dark energy into light energy- from wavelenghts into holographic reality. God has always existed and Creates itself through regenerating through its own force.

The aether is both the medium and the origin, for the substance (dark/light energy) and the motion (force) must be of the same field. Meaning, the aether is the moment of the creation of reality (not to be confused with the moment of creation of existence), or more accurately, the physical manifestation of the Creator.

We are living inside the aether. Our own existence is a medium to the nonexistential life (our: conscience self and life: egoic self). This aether is anti-matter wavelengths of perfect geometrical symmetry being converted into a asymmetrical wavelengths of matter as imperfect substances.

Androgenaπ Searches on Aether,

“By the late 1800s, the existence of the aether was being questioned, although there was no physical theory to replace it. The negative outcome of the Michelson–Morley experiment (1887) suggested that the aether was non-existent[1], findings which were confirmed in subsequent experiments through the 1920s..” I kept reading on.

Androgenaπ pondered, she then began writting, ..”Of course the outcome of proving an aether exists is that it does not exist; for life exists as non-existent concurrently. Everything is the equivalent of nothing, for EVERY + thing and NO+thing is a thing, and things, or matter, does not exist.

1on 0off, 1anti matterial wavelenghts 1 on -> aether -> 0 off-> into material wavelenghts , repeat. 

  1. The concept was the topic of considerable debate throughout its history, as it required the existence of an invisible and infinite material with no interaction with physical objects.
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