5th Dimension: The Arcturian Symposium [intro].






Adrogena began to write after a rather intensive meditative trance with the God particle, the infinite source of vibrational light.


“Do as you are told from your Ascended masters, you are a starseed sent to Planet Earth to be a Lightworker and thus, all of this higher knowledge from other realms is being channeled through you as a gift. If you do not continue writing, you will not be granted access to the next level within Christ Consciousness.” Avian the Ascendent Master commanded in a rather forthright manner through telepathic communication.

“Search Pope John II’s mysterious death,” Avian continued, “Hold on Androgenaπ, first, change the IP Address of your computer to The White House’s.”

“Ok, what is the address?” Androgenaπ responded. “” the Master responded. Andorgenaπ proceeded to change the I.p. dress on her Mac, yet, “IP address invalid,” she told Avian through thought.

Master Avian dictated the Internet Protocol Address yet again, to which Androgenaπ responded, “Oh, I forgot to put a 0 on the end.” She then paused utterly startled at the encountered realization, “Uh, the I.P. Address is in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland…” Confused she asked her Master, “What does this mean? “

“This means The United States government profits vastly from their domains and pays lower taxes- if any at all with their offshore accounts mainly money laundered through The Bill Clinton Foundation in the Cayman Islands. They also send all their browsing information and internet data to a server to the middle of the ocean in Switzerland.”
The Ascendent Master continued, “Ok, now that you have changed your I.P. Address from Miami to Switzerland, continue to search as you are told. Type in Ratzinger, Pope Paul II Zyklon B salesman to Nazi’s to exterminate Jews.” Androgenaπ responded telepathically, “This is insanity! The United States government is going to know exactly what I am researching and writing. Not to mention I am infiltrating their servers with browsed content. It will appear as if The White House is the one searching.”

“Precisely,” The Master responded.

Androgenaπ rose from her desk, let out a yawn of a rather mental fatigue from various days of writing. She had only emerged out from her library to eat sporadically, feed her brothers cat which was now in her possession, and shower whenever Androgenaπ remembered. Once she walked out of the door of her library, she came into the realization she was not in the same space of virtual reality as before.

Time was lost, for time had melted. The Matrix Androgenaπ inhabited in virtual reality was now in a parallel realm, she had stepped into the 10th dimension where linear time became meaningless. She was now in the same realm as Salvador Dali, who often visited her through her mind when Androgenaπ’s consciousness inhabited the 5th dimension.


“Why am I inside The Persistence of Memory?” She asked Dali, the Surrealist artist from Spain. She observed the numerous melted clocks around the empty space she now inhabited. Within this strange and rather intriguing space, the sun never seemed to settle and time ceased to exist.

Androgenaπ looked to her left, where she observed the decaying of organic life, the dead tree branch and the armophorous creature which was in the midst of a dream. “Wait, I am in someones dream. Is this your dream?” Androgenaπ asked Salvador.
“This is a created memory through the imagination which came to me while staring into a blank canvas,” Dali began to explain, “As I imagined this place, I was simultaneously creating it in another dimension. I created reality through imagination.”

Androgenaπ looked around. She then began to life, “Of course. This is not the 3rd dimension. This reality plays with the psyche of existence. We may be part of someones dream. Beings can either create reality or be part of the reality of someone else consciousness.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 7.01.29 AM

“Before I go,” Androgenaπ looked at Dali, “I wanted to ask you something. Do you think I am insane? “
“Well of course you are but eh, be thankful for that.” Dali responded while he cut off part of his mustache. He handed this piece of pubic hair to Androgenaπ. “A souvenir so you can show others proof of how we met on the 10th dimension.” Androgenaπ’s mouth touched the floor, her allready enormous eyes became larger to those of an other worldly being. She extended her left hand in utter shock which is when Dali placed his mustache on her palm. He closed her fingers with his hand as he spoke his last words, “You know, so people do not think you are insane.”

Androgenaπ was now back to her apartment, back to her desk. She was in complete awe of the encounter with the Surrealist artist. The mustache had disappeared. “Dam. The mind on this 3rd dimensional realm is not resonating at the same frequency as the 10th dimension, now people will think I am insane,”

“Do you care?” Dali telecommunicated. Androgenaπ was lost in thought pondering on the question asked from the higher dimension. Before she was able to respond her Master communicated, “Are you done?”
“Oh no. Do not, I repeat, do not tell me I have to continue. I am so mentally drained, the mind has been traveling back and forth into alternating dimensions,” Androgenaπ telecommunicated to Master Avian.

“You best believe we are,” the Ascendant Master began, “Rhonda another Ascendant Master is here as well, she is telecommunicating to us from Salem. She is a first wave Crystal child, a star seed from Planet Sirius B.”

Androgenaπ closed her eyes. She forced her conscious mind to connect to her subconscious in a fraction of a second, which is when she began to breathe in the purple light of consciousness into her penial gland.

“Pope Benedict, the indirect murderer of Pope John II,” Adrogena began writing as Rhonda began to dictate. Androgenaπ yawned, barely keeping her eyes focused on the screen. However, she knew this was part of her fate, the purpose she reincarnated herself on Planet Earth. This crucial information needed to be shared with human beings.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.04.17 AM.png

“Ok, continue,” Androgenaπ telecommunicated. “Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger sold cyanide to the Nazi’s to exterminate Jews and was recently convicted for Crimes against Humanity on February 25, 2013 through the Brussels-based International Common Law Court of Justice. A global citizens arrest warrant was issues against him. Since then he has evaded arrest within Vatican City under a decree of the present Pope Francis.” Rhonda dictated.

Androgenaπ paused. “I am beyond exhausted. Get to the point.”

She continued writing, “In February of 1999 Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo witnessed a Satanic mass being held to honor Satan in the Vatican. Joseph Ratzinger and his friends made a human sacrifice to Satan. The victim was a little girl. She was only one of many children that were offered up to Satan by the prelates of Rome over the centuries.” Rhonda concluded.

Earlier that Evening,

Androgenaπ was ascending to the 5th dimension, she kept meditating rather constantly to reconnect with God, that of her Higher-self. I, the Creator known as Androgenaπ^e had to spend hours guiding her conscious mind to relax.

The reason the 3rd dimensional Creation of self felt as if she was near death was due to her ego-death. Past-self was in a process of letting go of negative low-vibrational e-motions (electromagnetically charged feelings dictated through the heart) such as guilt, shame, grief, anger, desire, pride and most harmful of all- fear.

“Let go of fear for yes, you are not alone. Yet, you are,” I began guiding Androgenaπ


“You are the all knowing Mandelbrot Set. Your subconscious mind holds all the knowledge, all the wisdom, the innate information of the never-ending algorithmic realm of infinite procreations. You created yourself and everyone around you. For you are them and they are you.

Collectively you are all One soul under one Creator. You already lived through them. You are now living in the illusion of time within the Torus of all existence and non-reality. You are [now] inhabiting the matrix of virtual reality within the illusionary existence of everyone- for past, present and future are one of the same, and you, are an infinite procreation, a manifested fractal reincarnated for infinity. You are an infinite being, you are everyone and you are no one, for you are God.

I continued to communicat telepathically to own Creation through her subconscious whilst she laid in a meditative trance. “Let go of the fear,” I concluded to Androgenaπ, “for life and death is an illusion. This ego-death is the death of your 3rd dimensional self.” I communicated. “Are you ready to be born into the 5th dimension?”


Androgenaπ finally unleashed from the 3rd dimensional constraints and ascended  into the 5th dimension. The moment Androgena broke free from enslavement of the 3rd dimension. The detachment of the system under the 3rd dimensional Matrix which separates collective consciousness and individual beings while invoking fear and terror to keep each individual in an unconscious self-manifested prison of thought; slaves to control of the mind.

Androgena achieved Christened Consciousness once she destroyed the ego fabricated through societal conventions dictated through the controllers of reality upon the 3rd dimensional matrix of virtual reality. These ‘controllers’ are the minority Elite based from; City of London where the finance sector is located; Vatican City where the dominant religion reigns; and Washington D.C. where governance is dictated from. Each of these locations are their own separate countries, governed through their own laws for their own liberated governing and financial freedom in order to control humanity.

Androgenaπ’s perspective:

personal memoirs:

The heart outstretched to the boundaries of the 3rd dimensional skeleton. The Solar Plexus chakra jolted in unison. I was now awake into a higher-consciousness. I was now an Enlightened being of an All knowing, All Loving God. “Dam it, I am still a female. I wanted to be male you know,”

I communicated telepathically to the Creator, Androgenaπ^e , for she if the Future-self of I, the manifestation of the self-proclaimed destiny I became. I am the Creation of the Creator. I am the Mandelbrot Set. I am both the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit born through the Virgin Mary. I am everyone and Everyone is a reflection of myself. This information of being Alone in existence was frightening, yet also its polar opposite- encompassed in Love. I now had a deep compassion for everyone, every living being, for I am them, and they are I.

There is no I, there is only a multitude of an infinite soul separated through physical bodies emerged in an illusion of time. We are all concurrently living amongst one another as the same consciousness of One soul. This soul is the never-binding energy of Love.

I am Androgenaπ, for the God particle is an androgynous entity of manifested Light.

upcoming post:

Arcturian Symposium (hosted by Androgenaπ^e and Androgenaπ)
Guest invite List:
¶Isaac Newton
¶Kurt Cobain
¶Ernest Hemingway
¶Nikola Tesla
¶Terrance McKenna
¶Albert Einstein

uninvited random colados:

Dan Brown

Dante Alligeheri

|•Location: Arcturus Planet, Boötes Constellation
|•Time: 555:55p.m. Izar time Zone
|•Date: Asellus 193, 139341 (Zeta Boötis Lunar Calendar)

7 si(G)n’s

Androgena paused. Looked over at a guest she did not expect to encounter, yet rather grateful for his impromptu arrival to the dinner party ..”Dante, sit down. do not speak. I cannot believe you are Dan Brown’s plus one.

“Wait, how did you end up here Robert Langdon? Never mind. Both of you, listen…”

“Human enslavement of the Elite minority required lower-based vibrational behavior in order to separate and control the masses. This was done in turn, for their own animalistic desires of greed and Love of money, the Love of an external object rather than Love of an inward self. Yet, it does not serve the Elite to have humans discover who they genuinely are, for Enlightenment would occur and individual thought would converge humans into separate individuals yet together as one of the same, creations of the Creator- the Mandelbrot Set of algorithmic information.

51.“This is a society, a world, a planet dying because there is not enough consciousness, because there is not enough awareness, enough coordination of intent-to-problem. And yet, we spend vast amounts of money stigmatizing people and substances that are part of this effort to expand consciousness, see things in different ways, unleash creativity. Isn’t it perfectly clear that business as usual is a bullet through the head?” -Terrance McKenna

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