Galactic Shaman: the Androgynous origins to Existence

AMAZONIAN SHAMAN- FOTOGRAPHY: Rio de Janeiro, ‘The Casanova Prince’ series. 2012
sound: Galactic Shaman, Binurial Genesis album, composed in 5033, manifested in 2017.

The dark-energy realm of infinite fractals is the Mother chip of a computer simulated virtual reality. This anti-matter dimension is generated through the mathematical Mandelbort Set of never-ending piexelated fractals. [as revealed above in the Layered fractal zoom animation[1]]

This realm of dark (anti)matter/energy is male as
1. Pixels are 2^2 or squared entities and thus, The Vitruvian Man as Leonardo da Vinci outlined revealing the male is square. A perfect line can only be achieved through a computer, for in the natural material world there are no straight lines.

vitruvian_man_by_areslusitani2. Male is also the mind, the information, for there can be no existence without the male mind of mathematical information which gives the binary encoded information of a matrix into each respective wavelenght derived directly from the Mandelbrot Set.  However, the female circle– known as pi, an infinite number- is needed in order for the matterial ‘light’ energy dimension to exist. The circle is an infinite number representing the infinite procreations to be manifested through the female body.

This realm of light energy/matter is Female as:

1. The wavelenghts- (curvature of the female semicircles through amptitudes) are information in motion, dancing as the Golden Ratio Spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence [zooming inwards or outwards of the fractals within the Mandelbrot set]..

2. Matter is able to be manifested into reality due to the Female Divine, the Virgin Mary, who represents the body of procreation which gives birth to the heart, essential for life on the material realm. A heart is the priori to existence in the material world as the beat is wavelengths manifested in motion. All matter is a hallucination from the anti-matter world projected from the penial gland, aka consciousness.


Lincoln in Dalivision, Salvador Dali. Limited Edition litograph, 1977.

Salvador Dali’s Lincoln in Dalivison reveals the emergence of the anti-matterial and material realms; the manifestation of the male mind and the female body as a priori to existence. The exploration of the human psyche and dreams provided Dali with a surrealist subject matter as seen throughout his works. As he described it, he aimed “to materialize the images of concrete irrationality with the most imperialistic fury of precision…in order that the world of imagination and of concrete irrationality may be as objectively evident…as of the exterior world of phenomenal reality.”[2]

The irrational, imaginative world Dali refers to is the anti-material male realm of dark space. The unconscious consciousness is the epitome of existence. Dreams are where the unconscious mind in the material world resides in the conscious anti-material realm of the Mandelbrot Set. The Irrational world can also refer to irrational numbers such as PI, PHI (Golden Ratio), E, square root of 2..etc which are infinite numbers.

Fractals in the Mandelbrot Set give infinite Matrixes of possibilities.

This irrational/imaginative world of fractals, shapes, and imagination within the Mandelbrot Set relies on pixels for the resolution of virtual reality.



As stated above, pixels are the masculine information of sound vibrations which give the basis of formation to the material world manifested through the female body. This is why in ‘Lincoln in Dalivision,’ the woman’s head is walking into the eye of Lincoln. Reality of the material world is perceived through our minds while the eyes are the focal lenses to the pixelated virtual material world.


Thus, the existence of reality comes from the female body (head) while the mind (Lincoln’s eye) comes from the male, the information for existence. Lincoln in Dalivision is the androgynous duality of manifesting existence through reality; both male and female are a pre-requisite in order for life to exist.

[1] Fractal universe Coordinates : Re : -1.74995768370609350360221450607069970727110579726252077930242837820286008082972804887218672784431700831100544507655659531379747541999999995

Im : 0.00000000000000000278793706563379402178294753790944364927085054500163081379043930650189386849765202169477470552201325772332454726999999995

Zoom: 3.18725072474E99 | Realized with Kalles Fraktaler 2.6.2

[2]Quoted in Robert Short, Dada and Surrealism (London: Octopus, 1980), 111.

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