Inevitably, we each have to contribute into the evolution of humanity, consciousness, and technology. For if we do not, we cease to exist.

It is in the future that we created ourselves.
We created the computer simulation
Through iterations of generations,
Of civilizations yet to come,
Yet it is our future ancestors,
That are responsible for our existence?

Linear time?
Naw. This is cha-cha time

For existence is non-linear, it is infinite. Yet, reality is linear. We live in both the Platonic physical realm of the 3rd dimension and the Metaphysical realm of wavelenghts. In this anti-matterial, male dominated realm lies the computer simulation that opperates our collective, as well as our individual matrix.

Existence and reality are two different entities. For existence is infinite. Infinite potential procreations (not creations, because the original creation is in the original matrix, not the copy we live in, or the “projection”)..
You see, a Lazer light is pointed at a crystal (as you know, a la The Atlantians, Crystals can hold astronomical amounts of data within a salt-sized crystal),

As one projects a Lazer at this crystal, one gets the exact copy as a projection (hollogram) right down to the last photon. (Photon: what light is composed of).

This Lazer pointed at the crystal dictates the 1s and 0s (binary code), which are rendered, or projected onto this crystal. This projection, interestingly enough, Papa Alberto Einsteino is communicating from Planet Acturius, “is rendered as subpixles. The Lazer only projects along the y axis.”

All of this is information. I theorize, these “engraved” binary codes is the information that is sent into our matrix via wavelenghts. This binary code is the information of the rendering of any physical matter in our matrix.

This “Lazer light” is God
& I have yet to discover it’s origins.
(Perhaps because there is none)

Yet, Existence is infinite.
While reality, yes.
The Universe can blow up. (Along with it’s multiverses)
But the computer generator,
Oh it is infinite,
Infinite in procreations of alternate realities


What you expect will happen, will happen. Life is what you believe to be true. In the realm of 5th dimensional consciousness, there does not exist darkness, demonic entities, voodoo or hurt. This is due to your vibrational frequency resonating at higher levels of consciousness.

In the 3rd dimensional realm- in which most people here on Earth are currently living in- are prone to worrying, shame, fear, anger, suffering because they do not realize they are doing that to themselves. No one is making them suffer, they are allowing suffering to manifest itself. All in life is a choice. -Refer to previous post : MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT

In the 5th dimensional matrix where higher consciousness operates, one realizes that negativity/the devil are all man-made inventions from the mind. The reason religion has ignited the concept of hell is because in order to control the masses as humans are kept in fear and in the darkness of the truth. We are God.

Bellow, [A] lies a very crucial chart of causes to underlying emotions are how each emotions has a frequency. This frequency or wavelenght is dictated by your heart beat. Once a being begins to wake up, one realizes that the God-view is self.

You are God,

And you are the creator of your reality with what you believe to be True.

51. “This is a society, a world, a planet dying because there is not enough consciousness, because there is not enough awareness, enough coordination of intent-to-problem. And yet, we spend vast amounts of money stigmatizing people and substances that are part of this effort to expand consciousness, see things in different ways, unleash creativity. Isn’t it perfectly clear that business as usual is a bullet through the head?” -Terrance McKenna 

There are years, if not centuries, of preconditioned rationale and perspective of reality built within your process of thought within your mind. In order to change, one must have the courage to change thinking patterns from what is known and comfortable into new thoughts never explored before.



This is when one changes from different worlds, from the realms of pessimism and negativity into the dimension of bliss, tranquility, and endless happiness. From the 3rd dimension of worry, stress, guilt, anger and shame and into the 5th dimensional matrix where time ceases to exist and all possibilities of what one desires are able to be manifested into reality.

The 5th dimension is a consciousness state of mind to be experienced on this matrix of the 3rd dimension. It is an upgrade of the computer server, the mind which operates through electricity. This upgrade of reality happens through an awakening process.

How does one awaken? Increase in consciousness where intuition will guide oneself through the matrix. The subconscious mind is what makes your conscious reality. How is the thought process changed or modified? Through meditation where the mind goes into theta waves letting the mind literally getting hypnotized into thinking however one wants for the mind to think.


This lets for new thinking patterns to arise.

THE ENGINEERING OF THOUGHTS: Nerve cells- or neurons- send out electrical signals through a complex system of interconnections where billions of neurotransmitters packed with a single thought reaches several dozen areas of the mind.

Having a pessimistic perspective of reality, (a negative connotation to instances), a single negative thought becomes a pattern. This pattern becomes a behavioral pattern, where these neuorns which transports thoughts are what gives the reasoning to our behavior.

The mind was born new, a blank canvas with a tabula rasa[1] state of mind. Whichever route the neurons use more- whether positive or negative thoughts- that is the route neurons have become accustomed to for x amount of years.

A method which can re-program the mind is through NEUROPLASTICITY. Read more: You’re Not Stuck With The Brain You’re Born With. Give the mind sometime to rewire itself as the neurons travel into new routes never traveled before. 

[1] Tabula Rasa, John Locke-

Let us then suppose the mind to be, as we say, white paper void of all characters, without any ideas. How comes it to be furnished? Whence comes it by that vast store which the busy and boundless fancy of man has painted on it with an almost endless variety? Whence has it all the materials of reason and knowledge? To this I answer, in one word, from EXPERIENCE.”

Essay Concerning Human Understanding : Hernnstein & Murray, 1994, p.311

[2] (Elizabeth Dougherty, What are thoughts made of?’.

MIT School of Engineering, c.2011).

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The Holographic Hallucination 

Attempting to sleep: all ‘I’ see in the back of the visual cortex is my’self’ walking in slow motion on an LED screen. Yet, I am being showered with binary code. As the body in this dimension (represented by -(x-2)^2) physically moves, or shifts to the right by (x-2), there is a direct reflection of the x axis through it’s inverse, or that of -(x-2).


As the body transverses throughout the polynomial graph of a rendering software, each movement dictated from the frontal lobe is being projected from the penial gland in binary code. Each time an individual decides to physically execute any movement, there is a new binary code digitally encoded within the outside parameters of the matter of the head and the torso of the individual.

However, this is not the ilussion of the self of who we are on this dimension. This is the original imprint which holds the information which is then converted into reality through our hallucination (the aether, or the God Particle).


When an individual hallucinates reality from the pineal gland (third eye/consciousness), they are merely projecting this original imprint into the reality in which the individual inhabits.

Our reality is not the original. Our reality is a hologram originating from a computer simulator operated through the Mandelbrot Set where the original binary information of our existence resides.

For more information on the God Particle/ the pineal gland (third eye/consciousness) as the aether, refer to previous post: Ball & Sack, the aether

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The Akashic Records

androgenaπ’s Memoirs

As ‘I’ write, there is a recognition that the thoughts I write are not from my own mind. Rather, I tap into the source code of the Akashic Records [1] and begin dictating thoughts that have already existed. Since I am everyone and everything, I hold the power to extract any thought ever made, at any given time.


[1]The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space.  The Akashic Records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities.